100 Reasons to learn to dive at Ocean Sands Scuba, LLC

  1. You will receive better instruction from more knowledgeable and better instructors
  2. You will learn to dive better
  3. You will be more comfortable in the water
  4. You will use better equipment, SCUBAPRO equipment, while you are in training
  5. You will have more fun learning to dive and actually diving
  6. You will use the latest and greatest in modern diving equipment. It is lighter and easier to use, making your learning experience safer and more enjoyable.
  7. Only nice people are allowed to take diving lessons at Ocean Sands Scuba, LLC
  8. Only nice people are allowed to work at Ocean Sands Scuba.
  9. Ocean Sands Scuba has the largest and most complete training program in Western Michigan.
  10. You can complete all of your training and educational goals through Ocean Sands Scuba.
  11. Training is customized to your needs
  12. Classes may be scheduled to your schedule, not ours
  13. Semi-Private Lessons
  14. Private Lessons
  15. Executive Lessons
  16. Open Water Diver
  17. Specialty Diver
  18. Snorkel Instructor
  19. Nitrox Diver
  20. U/W Photo Diver
  21. Deep Diver
  22. Wreck Diver
  23. Limited/Visibility/Night Diver
  24. Stress & Rescue Diver
  25. Search & Recovery Diver
  26. Ice Diver
  27. Drysuit Diver
  28. Boat Diver
  29. Navigation Diver
  30. Equipment Techniques Diver
  31. Advanced Diver
  32. Master Diver
  33. Pre-Tech Diver
  34. Technical Diver
  35. Advanced Nitrox Diving
  36. Decompression Diving
  37. Trimix Diver 200’
  38. Trimix Diver 300’
  39. You can learn to be a Mixed Gas Blender
  40. Dive Coordinator
  41. Associate Instructor
  42. Instructor
  43. Advanced Instructor
  44. Specialty Instructor
  45. Group travel
  46. Equipment Sales
  47. Equipment Service
  48. Drysuit sales
  49. Drysuit service
  50. Friendly sales staff
  51. Local diving trips
  52. Local boat diving trips
  53. Large selection of diving equipment
  54. Use Din Valves rather than yoke connections which are safer valves and regulators to use in training and diving
  55. Ocean Sands Scuba has the highest rating a dive store can achieve in the diving industry for outstanding training and customer satisfaction, Platinum Pro Facility
  56. Small classsizes means more attention to the individual
  57. Excellent repairand maintenancecenter
  58. Use highquality parts for maintenance
  59. Certified Oxygen cleaning facility
  60. Certified Advanced Gas Blender
  61. Nitrox fill station up to 100%
  62. Trimix fill station (with a booster pump)
  63. Heliox fill station
  64. Hyper-filtered air station
  65. Airisclean and filters changed regularly
  66. Deep Diving air fills (tanks must be O2 clean)
  67. Use of diving computers while in training
  68. Inexpensive rental program
  69. The most knowledgeable diving staff
  70. 40+ years of diving experience
  71. Learn from the instructors that have trained most of the dive leaders in Western Michigan
  72. Personalized equipment counseling that will meet your goals rather than the sales goals
  73. The only store/school that has made a real commitment to diving excellence in Western Michigan
  74. Social Events
  75. Personalized dive videos for Scuba trips
  76. We Teach, Practice, and Emphasize SAFETY
  77. We offer several specialty classes to further your diving education and make your diving experience more enjoyable
  78. You’ll look and feel better after you have finished
  79. Instead of just being a customer you are a friendly face and always welcome
  80. We won’t push you past your limits but will gradually help you expand your abilities
  81. We don’t sell any equipment that we wouldn’t use
  82. We are always going diving and you are always welcome to join us
  83. Will receive direct attention when choosing and purchasing gear
  84. The staff will fit the equipment to your needs, size, ect
  85. The school, confined water training, and store are all located in one spot
  86. The dive trips we take you on are a good value and fun filled
  87. You can come on a dive trip if you are just a beginner or a technical diver. We want you to come.
  88. We have or can find answers to all of your diving questions
  89. You become apart of a diving community
  90. We have an e-mail buddy list so you can always find someone to dive with
  91. We keep you informed by regular e-mails and seasonal newsletters
  92. You can contact us anytime thru e-mail or telephone
  93. College Educated Staff, U of Mass, U of Texas, Hope College, Aquinas College, Michigan Tech…
  94. You can earn College Credit
  95. Wreck research Program
  96. Side Scan Sonar instruction
  97. ROV instruction
  98. Historical research team
  99. Handicap equipped training facility
  100. If it were any more fun it would be illegal.

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